5 Steps to Improve the Quality of Your Home's Tap Water
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5 Steps to Improving Your Tap Water

Does your tap water taste funny? Does it taste so funny that you often don’t drink as much of it as you know you should? There are several reasons that tap water can taste bad. Atlantic Coast Water Clinic of South Florida would like to share some helpful tips for improving the quality of your tap water.

Professional Water Testing in Stuart FLTest your water

This is a good first step, because you want to know what’s going on inside the water. You can purchase a home test kit that’s easy to use and will show you if your water (both hot and cold) contains high amounts of bacteria, chlorine, iron, copper, magnesium, calcium and other impurities. You can also arrange for a test by local water treatment professionals.

Have plumbing pipes replaced

Older plumbing can send a wide range of contaminants into the water you drink.

After your water test, consult with a water services provider to help you determine the source or sources of impurities in your water. If the source is your plumbing, a plumber can help you solve the problem.

Filter your water

Water filtration systems can be as simple as a filter that goes on your faucet or as comprehensive as a modern whole-home water filtering system. Faucet filters and similar products will prevent some impurities and contaminants from getting into your drinking and cooking water. More advanced water filtration solutions are designed to target and block many contaminants, including microorganisms, metals and harmful chemicals. Consider your budget and purchase the best system you can afford for your home.

Add a water softener

“Hard” water, which is fed to homes through many municipal water sources in the U.S., tastes bad and can leave ugly spots all over your dishes, glasses and cookware. It can also cause ugly calcium buildups on your faucets.
Water softeners remove the calcium, magnesium and iron that’s responsible for the bad taste, spots and buildups. Often, this is the only solution needed to solve your water problems.

Water Softener System Installation, Vero Beach FL

Three quick fixes

The steps above are intended to be “final” solutions to bad-tasting and harmful water. Until you put one or more of those solutions into place, here are three quick fixes.

  1. Run water before using it: Flush your water line by running water for a couple minutes before drinking or cooking with it. This will remove some of the impurities that may have settled in the pipes.
  2. Boil water: Boiling water for three minutes before consuming it will remove many bacteria, pathogens and other contaminants. After boiling, just refrigerate the water or use it directly for cooking.
  3. Purchase purified drinking water: This can be a little bit of a hassle, but buying quality water from a grocery store or other establishment will guarantee that the water you drink is clean and safe.
    Solve your drinking water problems

Atlantic Coast Water Clinic serves Port St. Lucie, Fort Pierce, Hobe Sound and other South Florida communities with water solutions that work. We install and service top-line water filtration systems and water softeners to treat all or just some of the water in your home.

Learn more about today’s exciting options for ensuring safe and clean water for you and your family. Reach a water treatment expert today at (772) 283-4767 or get in touch with our handy contact form.