How Does an Alkaline Water Filter Work?
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How Does an Alkaline Water Filter Work?

If you’re asking how does an alkaline water filter work, you are probably interested in drinking alkaline water. So, we’ll answer the question here, and we’ll also say a few things about alkaline water filters. At Atlantic Coast Water Clinic, we don’t shy away from questions, no matter how complex the answer might be. So, here goes.

alkaline Water Filter Installation in Indiantown FLHow an Alkaline Water Filter Works

There is more than one answer to the question: how does an alkaline water filter work? The one we are providing is just one of many, but it sheds light on the process of alkaline water filtration. The process begins as a water filtration system. Of the different ways to filter water, we believe the best for removing contaminants is reverse osmosis (RO). After highly pressurized water goes through various initial filters, reverse osmosis begins.

The water is forced through an RO membrane, where additional contaminants are filtered out. Wrapping it up, more filtration stages follow, and it results in cleaner tap water. There are some downsides to this RO treatment as is, simply put, but the solution is this: Use mineral boost cartridges to enhance the reverse osmosis water filtration systems. With these cartridges, specialty filtration occurs at the end of the RO process. And this blocks CO2 absorption, which is a downside referred to above.

The result is a moderate increase in pH, which improves the taste of tap water without causing limescale buildup in your plumbing and other hard water problems. What you need to know about the above process is that your water’s original pH level can change the water you end up with in the alkaline water filter process.

Alkaline Water Filters

Clean water is something everyone needs, but not everyone wants or needs alkaline water. Consider the following in regard to alkaline water filters:


The pH in your tap water may fluctuate to the extent that you can’t depend on consistency in its fresh taste. With an alkaline water filter, the pH levels and the crisp taste become more predictable.

Water hardness

Because natural alkalinity causes water hardness problems, a water softener can help prevent these problems. In fact, as a rule, water softeners and alkaline water filters should be used together.


There is no health risk in trying to drink alkaline water, for the most part. The potential benefits remain unproven, but you can try to see if drinking water invigorated with pH makes a difference.

Under Sink Water Filter System in Hobe Sound FLRO filters

You can add an alkaline filter cartridge to your existing reverse osmosis filtering system.

Call Atlantic Coast Water Clinic if you want to know more about how an alkaline water filter works. We have water treatment experts with answers. We also have solutions you can rely on, such as water filtration systems, water softening systems, reverse osmosis, and whole-house water systems.

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