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Does Your Water Taste Or Smell Bad?

Whether you get your water from the city or private well, the water quality may not be as good it could be and may even vary from day today. Clean and pure water has no discernable odor or taste. Water that smells or tastes bad is often an indication of a water quality issue. Although smelly or bad tasting water is not always a health issue, it’s a good idea to have your water tested to ensure it is safe to drink.

There are a variety of factors that can influence the smell or taste of your water. Sometimes bacteria in the faucet’s aerator is the reason. Another reason, an elevated concentration of metals, minerals, and pollutants that leaked into the well or groundwater. A deteriorating septic tank, for example, can leak waste into the soil, contaminating a nearby water well. If you live in an area with aging water pipes, rust from corroding metal pipes can leak into the water.

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Why Does My Water Smell or Taste Like Chlorine?

Chlorine is a common disinfectant that most public water treatment plants use to kill waterborne bacteria and parasites before the water reaches your home or business to ensure it is safe to drink. However, there may be a slight residual odor. Although it is unpleasant, it is not harmful when under 4 milligrams per liter, but it can dry out your hair and skin. A strong chlorine odor may indicate higher levels of chlorine and the water should be tested to ensure it is within the safe range. The good news is that our water filtration system will remove chlorine in the water.

Why Does My Water Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

Water that smells like rotten eggs is a common water problem that many homes and businesses experience. Sulfur bacteria is naturally present in groundwater and usually is not a health concern, but it can accumulate in water pipes and water heaters. The smell is from hydrogen sulfide created when sulfur water is exposed to oxygen. It also has a sour taste. Although it’s generally safe to drink, the pungent odor may also indicate chemicals or pollution that could affect the water quality. Sulfur is also corrosive and can be damaging to water pipes. A water test can confirm the presence of hydrogen sulfide, sulfur, and any other pollutants in the water. Installing a water treatment and purification system will remove the sulfur bacteria and rotten egg odor.

Why Does My Water Taste Salty?

Salty tasting water, especially if you live along the coast, is usually due to seawater intrusion. Chlorides are one of the most common naturally occurring elements in seawater. The anon binds with calcium, potassium, and sodium to produce salt, which gives seawater its salty taste. Sodium is also naturally present in groundwater but is significantly less in quantities.

Why is There a Metallic Taste in My Water?

Water naturally contains a variety of dissolved metals, including iron, chromium, copper, and manganese. When higher concentrations of these metals are present, the water can have distinct a metallic taste. Also, iron and copper water pipes can corrode due to age or other water quality issues causing unhealthy concentrations of metals to enter the water supply. Corroding lead or copper pipes can leak the metal into the drinking water. Brass or chrome-plated faucets and plumbing fixtures with lead solder can also contaminate the water when corroded. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), small amounts of lead can be harmful to health, especially children.

Why Does My Water Have a Sewage Odor?

If your water is smelling like sewage, it is most likely due to rotting food or other organic particles residing in drains or the garbage disposal. The decaying organic matter produces a gas that is released into the air when you open the water faucet. Another potential cause is bacteria growing inside the water heater that emits a bad odor when using hot water. It can occur when the water heater temperature is too low or has not been used for quite some time. Contaminants like hydrogen sulfide gas present in a private well can also attract bacteria and release a foul odor that may smell like a sewer or rotten eggs.

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