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Choose a Home Water Filter in 5 Easy Steps

Have you wondered why your tap water tastes or smells strange? Does it have a funny color? Are you using a lot of detergents to get your clothes clean?  Are you finding that your clothes are looking worn out sooner than they should?  Are all your faucets coated with a crusty white substance?

If you are a homeowner and you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, it is time to consider a water treatment plan.  Deciding what water gets treated and how it is treated is the next set of questions.

Below are five steps to  choose which water treatment plan is best for a homeowner.

installing a reverse osmosis water system, jensen beach flTwo Types of Water Treatment

The first is type of water treatment system is a (POU), or point of use system.  If all the homeowner wants is to purify the kitchen tap water, this is a convenient option.  The POU system is a reverse osmosis system positioned under the kitchen sink.

There is also a (POE), or point of entry system.  This approach treats the water in your entire home from its point of entry where the pipes meet your



Where Your Water Comes From

Is your water from a municipal location (city water) or your private well?  You may think that your (city water) is healthy for you when it leaves the facility.  That may be true; however, the facility it comes from has no control over what happens when it exists at the city source.  Leaky pipes, rusting, and damaged pipes may all be present in any given water infrastructure.  If your water comes from a well, there are a variety of contaminants that can seep into well water.  Lawn fertilizer, runoff from farms, and the occasional automobile oil dumped into the drainage systems around your home.  What kind of water are you drinking?

water treatment options, vero beach flConsidering Flow Rate

How many bathrooms are in your home?  There is a flow rate to consider.  The flow rate is how much water is needed at any given time.  The number of bathrooms helps water treatment companies determine how large a flow rate is required.  Bathrooms tend to be the largest consumer of water.  How many showers and toilets will be using water at once?  The number of bathrooms in a home is a good indicator of how large a home’s water treatment system will need.

Household Water Use

How many people live in your home?  One study determined that the average American uses between twenty and eighty gallons of water per day.  One 10-minute shower uses approximately 20 gallons of water.  If you have teenagers, increase shower time to 20 minutes, and gallons of water to 40.  Regardless of the number of showers, the amount of water used multiplies.

Water Contaminants

The most crucial factor is what exactly is in your water?  The only way to verify that is with a water test.  Atlantic Coast Water Clinic (ACWC) is in the business of water quality.  A technician will come to your home and test your water at no charge to you.  This test will help the homeowner make the best decision about their home’s water needs.

ACWC has been serving the South Florida area for over 30 years.  We are the area’s most experienced quality water provider.  If your water has an odd color, funny smell, is cloudy, or doesn’t taste good, give us a call.  We are here to help.

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