What Is Cloudy Water Caused By And Can It Be Made Clear?
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What Causes Cloudy Tap Water?

In asking what causes cloudy tap water, how technical an answer do you fancy? Turbidity is a measure of how clear water appears to be, and further explanation can be rather scientific. Fortunately, a very practical and uncomplicated definition is further below. Also in crystal-clear terms, be aware that cloudy tap water, while unsightly, is not an inherent threat to health. Particles within the water, however, may include sediment such as metals with potentially bad health effects. Learn below about the causes of cloudy tap water.

filters for cloudy water, indiantown flWhy is My Tap Water Cloudy?

When water appears to be carbonated or cloudy, it could be caused by air trapped in your water pipes or by contamination of the pipes caused by small particles. Stone, sand, dirt, and rock are the types of particles that commonly enter water pipes. Although your water may have a milky appearance for either or both of these reasons, drinking cloudy tap water is virtually harmless. Still, there are other causes that should be looked into.



Air in the Plumbing System

Air can enter into plumbing as a result of a faulty plumbing fitting. This issue can lead to a rupture in the wall that allows air into the plumbing system. If the air becomes pressurized, which is common, numerous microbubbles become trapped in the plumbing. The result is that the tap water becomes cloudy.

Turbidity and Why it Matters

A great definition of turbidity is that it is a measure of the degree of transparency that is lost in water as a result of suspended organic and inorganic particulate matter such as silt and clay. Water looks murkier and cloudier the more solids there are suspended in the water. During the water treatment process, measuring turbidity is essential. Turbidity affects the treatment of the water and can also have a negative impact on the taste and odor of drinking water. An increase in turbidity may indicate the presence of pathogens in the water, which could cause illness, including nausea, cramps, and diarrhea.

What to Do if Your Tap Water is Cloudy

If your tap water is milky, mirky, or white, let the water settle and check for air bubbles. If you see air bubbles clearing from the bottom, it is evidence that air has become trapped in your plumbing system and needs to be flushed out. This is something you can do yourself. Turn on the tap water throughout your home in order to flush out the cloudy water. After turning all the taps back off, start over and flush them once more to ensure that the flushing process is complete.

If you see that air bubbles are clearing from the top of the glass, it indicates that your pipes are likely contaminated with sand, rock, dirt, or other small particles. In this case, a treatment consultation with a certified plumber is needed.

If, after 24 hours, your water still appears to be cloudy, milky, or white, contact your water supplier. Request a home visit to determine whether your water line has a leak. If a leaky pipe is the problem, getting it fixed should resolve the issue and your tap water should run clear again.

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