Your Drinking Water May Look Clean But It May Not Be Chemical-Free
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Is My Drinking Water Chemical-Free?

As Americans, we have become spoiled and complacent about our living arrangements.  We flip a switch, and the lights go on.  Our phones can connect to anywhere in the world with a touch of a button.  We turn on the tap for a drink, and without another thought, we gulp it down, unaware of the possible chemicals in the water.  No worries, it’s safe to drink, right?  There isn’t anything that could hurt my family in this water, is there?

water testing, hobe sound fl Is Your Water Safe?

Most of us presume our water is safe to drink, but so did the people of Hinkley, California.  If not for the work of Erin Brockovich, who brought attention to the town’s water quality, Hinkley could have suffered more significant consequences.

Just because the drinking water is clear, odorless, and tasteless doesn’t mean it is safe to drink.  If you live in a farming community, there is a chance you have pesticides or other agricultural runoff in your drinking water.  The same can be said for an industrial area.  These pollutants don’t have to come from outside your home.  An older and disintegrating septic system can ooze waste into the groundwater or a well.  If you own an older home, the plumbing could be faulty.  Rust, excess iron or copper could make their way into your home’s drinking water from older pipes.

Water Testing and Options

The only way to be sure your water is safe to drink is by having it tested.  Companies that sell, install, and service water treatment systems will usually test your drinking water for contaminants free of charge.

Having your water tested will help determine what water problems exist.  Once that dilemma has been resolved, it is time to investigate solutions.

Water Purification Systems For Safe Drinking Water

Depending on what type of chemicals or pollutants exist in a water supply usually determines the kind of water purification system a home or business will need.

Water Softeners

If your home has hard water, it may be time to invest in a water softener.  If the surfaces in your shower or your dishes have a cloudy white film on them, your home will benefit from a water softener.  That film is hard minerals that can cause unnecessary wear and tear on plumbing and appliances.  Hard water can also create or increase skin irritation. With soft water, less detergent is needed for cleaner clothes, and hair and skin feel softer.

reverse osmosis water softener, stuart flReverse Osmosis System For Drinking & Cooking

Some homes may only need an under-the-sink system better known as a reverse osmosis system for drinking water and cooking.  Other homes may require a whole house system for laundry and bathing as well as for consumption.

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