Why Should You Filter Water for Your Ice Machine?
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Why Filter Water for Your Ice Machine?

Do all refrigerators come with water filters? Why filter water for your ice machine, anyway? The accessibility of clean water is easy with most modern refrigerators. They typically come with built-in water filters that can be changed with ease as needed. If you have questions about the need to get rid of impurities in the water supply to your ice machine, read on to learn more.

Ice Machine using filtered water in Indiantown FLWhat Difference Does a Filter Make in Your Ice Machine?

When hard water or contaminated water is used in an ice machine, it produces dirty, cloudy ice that can taint the flavor of your beverages. When you filter water for your ice machine, the primary purpose of the filter is to remove chlorine from the water. Sediment that can infiltrate the ice is also removed. When particulates are present in the water, you can see the particles in your glass after the ice melts.

Ice filters remove not only chlorine but also sediment and odors. As a result, the taste of the ice is better. Without a filter, hardness in the minerals tends to create mechanical issues in ice makers.

Why is Scale Control Needed for Ice Filtration?

Scale is a problematic reality caused by hard water. When water freezes, for instance, the hard minerals separate out of the solution and create scale on the ice cube and the inner workings of the ice machine. It is not unusual for scale to ruin equipment. A scale control cartridge is recommended in ice filtration systems. Using a water softener is another option for scale control.

Water Softeners Systems Solve Hard Water Problems

If hard water is affecting the quality of your ice, it is also reducing the durability of your ice machine. With the installation of a high-quality water softener system, hard water will no longer be a problem. The clear, clean, tasty, odor-free water provided to your home can be used for your ice maker.

A Water Filtration System for your Ice Machine

Water filters for your ice machine can also provide delicious drinking water throughout your household. Water filtration systems are customized by trained water specialists when you call on Atlantic Coast Water Clinic for installation. Whether your home relies on city water or well water, the purification and water filtration solution provided by Atlantic Coast Water Clinic will maximize your water quality, which will greatly improve your ice at the same time.

Cold filtered Ice Water, Port St. Lucie FLA Refrigerator that Produces Ice with No Water Filter

The ice that reaches your glass cannot be rid of impurities if no water filter is used for the water supply. This can be done, but it is not recommended. The ice could taste bad, and your ice machine could ultimately break down due to contaminants that are likely in the unfiltered water supply.

Do you need to filter water for your ice machine? Atlantic Coast Water Clinic offers water filtration solutions for homeowners and businesses throughout south Florida.

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