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How Does a Water Softener Work?

Is it necessary to have soft water?  That depends on what a homeowner wants for the household. By not having a water softener in your home, you put your plumbing, appliances, and dishware at risk for dense, flaky buildup.  An initial reaction would be, ‘So?’  Or ‘What difference does that make?’

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What Impact Hard Water Can Make

Hard water allows the minerals and metals to develop a scaly residue whatever it touches.  That residue builds and begins to clog plumbing.  As it grows and thickens, it restricts water flow and water pressure.  The scaly coating starts appearing on showerheads and faucets, hoses on appliances; it causes new clothing to appear dull, dishes and skin are coated.  It doesn’t materialize overnight but, it will happen at a substantial cost to the homeowner, and it seems to happen at the most inopportune time.

The Process of Water Softening

If a water softener is installed, the above can be prevented.  How?  By a process called ion exchange.

It is an easy process to create but difficult to describe. This is a very elementary version of what takes place. Picture a barnacle-encrusted ship at sea; the ship is a molecule of water, those barnacles represent the ‘minerals in hard water.’  The ship is sailing to its new owner, and the current owner wants it to look its best.  Imagine there is a place in the sea with tiny resin beads.  The ship sails through the resin beads and all the barnacles are knocked off.  The science guys call this an ion exchange.  Now, the ship is clean and sails on its way.

What happens when all the resin beads are dirty and full of barnacles?  The salt bought for the water softener is now ready to go to work.  The dirty resin beads are pushed through a brine tank.  It is the salt that cleans the beads and gets them prepared for the next ship.

An Affordable Choice For Your Home

Many homeowners think installing a soft water system in their homes is expensive and not worth the hassle.  Contrary to popular belief, water softening systems are very affordable and are easily incorporated into most home’s plumbing.

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There is a company in our area that specializes in offering water softening systems.  Atlantic Coast Water Clinic has designs that are budget-friendly and can
be easily installed.

Atlantic Coast Water Clinic is the Treasure Coast area’s leading supplier of quality water softening systems.  This company works with manufacturers from around the country to provide you with the most up-to-date systems available.

When we arrive, we will test your water at no charge to you.  The results of this test will give our techs an idea of where to start.  We will discuss solutions and provide a variety of options.

Our company is customer-focused, with your satisfaction as the end goal.  Each year all our technicians attend training classes in new technology and systems.  For nearly half a century, Atlantic Coast Water Clinic has provided its service area with prompt, polite, and professional assistance.  Our trucks are clean, and our techs are in crisp uniforms with identification badges for our customer’s peace of mind.

Atlantic Coast Water Clinic is your go-to company for all your water quality needs. We look forward to serving you soon.

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