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Water Treatment In Jupiter Island FL

Are you happy with your tap water? If you’re like most Jupiter Island homeowners, you purchase cases of bottled water because you can’t stand the smell or taste of your home’s tap water. Foul taste or odors leave many people thinking their tap water is unsafe, but what’s happening here, and what can you do about it?

Common tap water problems in Jupiter Island, FL.Tap Water Problems

The United States has one of the safest public water supplies in the world; however, many people are still concerned with the water that comes from their faucets. Water might smell or taste funny because of chlorine, metal contaminants from corroded pipes, and minerals like magnesium and calcium.

While these don’t necessarily mean your water is unsafe to drink, there is something you can do about these contaminants for your peace of mind.

Atlantic Coast Water Clinic is the trusted local Kinetico® Water Systems dealer. We sell and service systems that can ensure your tap or well water is clean, healthy, and safe to drink.

Call us today and let us examine your water quality to recommend the best purification option for you.

Jupiter Island FL Water Filtration

It’s common for tap water and well water to have a distinctive smell and taste. And while water from municipal suppliers is highly regulated, well water can be hit or miss regarding quality and safety.

We offer a full line of effective water filtration systems by Kinetico® to provide clean, healthy water based on your specific water conditions.

Our water filters use mechanical filtration, passing water through a physical barrier to trap and remove sediments and particles. We also offer activated carbon filtration options to remove impurities like chlorine and volatile organic compounds.

Water purification in Jupiter Island, FL.

Water Purification and Reverse Osmosis

Our Kinetico® reverse osmosis water purification systems remove up to 99% of common contaminants found in drinking water, including bacteria, viruses, protozoa, pesticides and herbicides, lead, arsenic, fluoride, chlorides, and sulfates.

A reverse osmosis water purifier not only makes your water safe but removes the foul odor and taste, encouraging you to drink more and rely less on bottled water.

Why a Whole House Water Treatment Option is Best

Many Jupiter Island residents rely on fixture filters or pitcher filters to improve the smell and taste of their tap water, but installing a whole-house water treatment system is a better option, and here’s why.

A whole-home water filtration and treatment system provides complete coverage throughout the house, meaning every fixture and appliance receives the highest-quality water possible.

Whole-home systems are more convenient. Our Kinetico® water treatment systems are fully automatic and don’t rely on electricity. They work continuously without you ever having to worry about them.

Water softener systems in Jupiter Island, FL.Jupiter Island Water Softeners

Many Jupiter Island residents are unaware of what’s in the groundwater. Our groundwater along the Treasure Coast contains high calcium carbonate levels, manganese, and other minerals, like magnesium and calcium. While this water isn’t unsafe to drink, it can be distasteful and wreak havoc in your home.

For example, the minerals in hard water build up in pipes, water heaters, and appliances, causing clogs and reducing their lifespan. Hard water also reacts with soap to form scum, reducing its lathering ability, leaving skin itchy and dry and clothes stiff. Lastly, hard water leaves unsightly reddish brown or yellow stains in tubs, showers, and toilets.

Our water softeners will eliminate these issues and ensure your pipes and appliances are free from destructive mineral buildup. We can also configure your water softener with a reverse osmosis or other filtration system to give you total water purification throughout the house.

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