Why Is Chlorine In Our Water, And Can It Be Removed?
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Remove Chlorine from Your Drinking Water

Why would anyone need to remove chlorine from their drinking water?  For some, chlorinated tap water has a funny taste and smell.  Coffee and tea drinkers have been known to taste a change in flavor when their beverage is made with chlorinated water.   There are owners of delicate pets and house plants that point to ailments and blame chlorine for their ills.

funny tasting water, sebastian flWhy Is Our Water Chlorinated?

Many of us have gotten used to having chlorine in our water.  Most tap water drinkers no longer notice a strange taste or smell or a change in the flavor of food and drink.  The medical field has found no ill effects caused by chlorinated water.  So, what’s the gripe?

First, an interesting history of how chlorine found its way into our drinking water.  The use of chlorine in the water supply goes back nearly one hundred years.  Before using chlorine, the untreated water supply in cities across the nation carried all matter of diseases.  Once chlorine was added, the safety of drinking and bathing water improved the health and well-being of all who consumed it.  It has been credited with saving millions of lives.  Yes, chlorine kills germs.

Currently, nearly ninety percent of the nation is connected to municipally supplied water or city water.  When the city water leaves the water treatment center, it is generally healthy water.  No one will guarantee the condition of the water when it reaches a home.  There are leaking pipes, broken water mains, water storage tanks containing impurities water is exposed to that chlorine will kill.

Removing Chlorine From Water

Back to our original question: How do you remove chlorine from your drinking water?  Boiling is a good start; however, this method is impractical if you have a large family.  A more realistic and cost-effective answer is to add a reverse osmosis water treatment system to your home.

reverse osmosis drinking water system, indiantown flReverse Osmosis Water Filtration

An (RO) system has filters, one of which is a carbon filter system that removes chlorine from the water that passes through it.  The other filter, called a membrane, removes other chemicals and impurities, creating crisp and refreshing tasting water.

Atlantic Coast Water Clinic is the area’s best supplier of (RO) systems in the Stuart, Florida area. We install Kinetco® water treatment products, a manufacturer of water treatment equipment for homes & businesses.


Water Treatment By Atlantic Coast Water

Our staff has WQA, (Water Quality Association) certified technicians with nearly 40 years of being in the business of water quality.

What is the best water treatment system for your home or business?  Atlantic Coast Water has water specialists that will come to your residence or place of business and test your water at no charge to you.  It will be the results of that test and your water quality goals that will determine where to start and how we can help you.

Our staff is on hand to answer any questions you may have before, during, or after installation.  If you ever need service after the sale, our goal is to have the same company who installed your system, service your system.

Customer satisfaction is at the top of our to do list.  Let us help you get the purist water possible.

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