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How To Remove Iron From Well Water

If your home’s water supply comes from a well, there’s a good chance that it contains at least some iron. Iron is a common contaminant in groundwater, and it can be very difficult to remove, especially if your water is underground for a long time before you drink it. While iron isn’t dangerous to drink, it can be a nuisance to deal with around the house. Here’s how to remove iron from your well water.

Iron Piping and Iron in well water, Vero Beach FLWhy is there iron in my well water?

Iron makes up about 5 percent of the Earth’s crust. Heavy rain or snowfall causes iron from rocks to dissolve into nearby aquifers. Since well water comes from aquifers or other groundwater sources, it’s likely to have a high concentration of iron, which then makes its way into your home.

This problem is often exacerbated by old, rusty pipes. Iron pipes will naturally corrode over time as they are exposed to air and water.

As the pipes break down, the iron will start to rust and flake off, contaminating your water.

Is iron dangerous to drink?

Iron is not actually dangerous to drink – in fact, it is an important part of a healthy diet.

However, most people already consume the recommended amount of iron through their daily food intake, so there aren’t any additional health benefits from having iron in your water.

However, there are many other downsides to having high iron content in your home’s water supply. The biggest problem is that iron can clog your pipes and damage your appliances over time. Additionally, iron can stain your appliances with a rusty reddish-brown color, which is very difficult to remove.

In addition to iron stains on your appliances, you might notice iron stains in other inconvenient places throughout your house. Iron in your water supply can leave red or yellow streaks on your dishes or even on your laundry. Bathing in water with a high iron content can also dry out your skin and hair and even give it a reddish tint.

Finally, iron can make your water taste very unpleasant. High quantities of iron can give your water a metallic taste. Iron can also give tea and coffee an unpleasant flavor.

Filtered Well Water in Sebastian FLHow to remove iron from well water

There are three different types of iron contamination, and each of them require a different solution. If your water is bright red or orange, there’s a good chance you have ferric iron, which hasn’t fully dissolved. To remove this type of iron, you’ll need a sediment filter. Sediment filters have the added benefit of removing other forms of debris and dirt from your water. Bright red water could also indicate that you have bacterial iron, which has a thick, sludgy consistency and is most common in wells that have not been consistently maintained. Bacterial iron can only be removed through shock contamination.

If you have ferrous or dissolved iron in your water, it will come out clear from the tap, but might start to turn orange once it is exposed to air. There are a variety of different water treatment systems that are effective for removing iron, including water softeners.

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