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Solutions to Help You Drink More Water

Do you need to drink more water? The Mayo Clinic recommends a minimum daily water intake of 11.5 cups for women and 15.5 cups for men. If you’ve found that you could use help to form the habit of drinking more water for your health, you’re not alone. People usually know they need to drink more water, but possible hindrances are plentiful!  Besides just not liking water, one of the most common is the feeling that the water coming from their faucet is not safe to drink. Let’s get to the root of these issues and find solutions. Hopefully, you’ll end up experiencing the benefits that are even more bountiful than the obstacles to getting proper hydration every day.

Problem: Water is Boring

A Solution: Fruit-Infused Water

Water by itself seems bland to many people, but it can be made exciting with no added sugars. Fruit-infused water is a healthy option that could help resolve your need to drink more water. Choose from many fruits, including cucumbers, blackberries, apples, lime, lemon, and strawberry, to name a few.

According to fans of fruit-infused water, it is delicious, refreshing, and easy to prepare. Fruit-infused water should be stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container. It will usually maintain its healthy properties
and fruit flavor for up to 2 days.
You also get whatever benefits
are provided by eating the types
of fruit your water is infused with.

Problem: It’s Inconvenient to Drink That Much Water

A Solution: Large Reusable Water Bottle

Just the idea of checking off little bottles of water to track daily intake may feel like a drain on your time. Drinking a sufficient amount of water can be far more convenient than that. Simply buy a reusable water bottle of an appropriate size to simplify things. A 64-ounce water bottle for men, who should drink at least 124 ounces of water daily, would need only one refill per day. If women, who should drink a minimum of 92 ounces daily, want to deal with only one refill, a 50-ounce water bottle is perfect.

Problem: I Don’t Have Time For That!

A Solution: Be Strategic

For many truly busy people, drinking water may seem like the least of their concerns. This attitude, however, reflects a lack of understanding about the benefits of staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water. For instance, proper hydration has pain-relieving effects. That’s because dehydration amplifies certain types of pain and reduces brain blood flow response to physical problems. That’s just the tip of the iceberg! The health benefits of drinking plenty of water are plentiful, proven, and potentially lifesaving.

So, get yourself motivated with an understanding that drinking plenty of water is an essential activity. Then decide when you will focus each day on getting your daily water intake. During long commutes to and from work, pauses such as bathroom breaks, and just before eating meals are times of the day when you could plan to habitually drink the pre-determined amounts of water.

Water treatment servicesProblem: My Water at Home Tastes Bad

A Solution: Schedule Installation of a Water Infiltration System

The water that comes through our faucets at home often contains impurities that may result in a foul odor and taste. You can enjoy clean, healthy water in your home that tastes as fresh as spring water. Atlantic Coast Water Clinic can install a water filtration system if you live in the South Florida area, making your home a reliable source of delicious drinking water.

Atlantic Coast Water Clinic serves the South Florida area and offers a solution to bad-tasting water

At Atlantic Coast Water Clinic, we understand the health benefits of drinking water! If you need to drink more water, the solution might be ensuring great-tasting water in your home! We’d love to help you win your daily struggle to fight off the bad health effects of dehydration. Call us today to schedule the installation of a water filtration system.

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