Water Filtration Can Remove Florida Water Contaminants Like Tannins
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Tannins in Florida Waterways

If you’re a resident of Florida, you must understand the unique water quality issues. Unfortunately, drinking bottled water won’t be enough for you to avoid the contaminants that come from our groundwater sources entirely. From the Tampa Bay red tides to liquid oxygen shortages, there are many things to be concerned about from a water consumption standpoint. Although not a risk to your health like the others, Tannins is another thing to be concerned about and aware of outside of those breaking news items. Regardless of where you’re located in Florida, tannins pose a genuine risk to your water quality and should be taken seriously. At Atlantic Coast Water Clinic, we want to help you combat issues with tannins, but that starts with education.

tannins in waterways, jensen beach flWhat are Tannins?

Florida is uniquely positioned to have tannins in the groundwater because of many local springs, rivers, and oceanfront areas. Tannins are the product of natural water sources passing through decaying organic material like leaves and other vegetation types. Its milky appearance and green color often make it noticeable. Floridians are more likely to notice them in the summer because our water tables and local waterway levels increase. Previously dry areas are then saturated. The vegetation in these areas can cause the same discoloration and spread quickly throughout the various connected waterways. Again, these do not cause hazards to your health but are a factor in impure water conditions. They can cause your water to become discolored, wreak havoc on your appliances, and even stain your clothes. You may also feel less clean when bathing in water with tannins.

What can you do?

As a general rule, anything that isn’t pure should not be in your drinking water. At ACWC, we only want you to have the best drinking water. Whether it is for your residential or commercial needs, water treatment options are available for removing tannins. We offer various filtration systems that can help you remove tannins and other impurities from your water. Even whole-house water filters and reverse osmosis water filtration systems from our preferred brand, Kinetico, will undoubtedly help remove tannins. There are also specialized water filters that help combat more complex needs. The best defense against tannins, though, is that water softener treatment. Our technicians can install a whole-home water softener at the point of entry for your main water supply. These are very efficient because softeners help drain your system of impurities so that when the water gets to the faucet, it is clear and ready for consumption.

whole house water filtration, fort pierce flGet Help Today

If you’re looking for an option to remove tannins or other impurities that you can’t see from your home or business’s water system, give our team at ACWC a call today at 772-283-4767. We have been serving the Treasure Coast since 1976 and believe in high quality and value. Not only do we offer water treatment options, but we do all of the sales, installation, and maintenance services for our products as a one-stop shop for your water quality needs.

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