Try These 3 Water Filter Add-ons To Improve Your Home’s Water Quality
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3 Water Filter Add-ons to Improve Your Home’s Water Quality

If you’re using a basic water filter to clean the drinking water in your home, you may feel that the filter isn’t doing everything possible to return truly delicious water. You may be right.

Atlantic Coast Water Clinic of Stuart, FL, would like to tell you about three water filter add-ons that can get your water to where you want it to be in terms of both taste and safety.

sediment pre-filter for drinking water, Sebastian FL1. Sediment pre-filter for a range of substances

Sediment and particulate matter in your water can have a major effect on how the water tastes. Here we’re talking about substances such as:

  • Chlorine
  • Rust from pipes
  • A variety of chemicals
  • Sand, dirt and silt

By adding a quality sediment pre-filter, you’ll be able to prevent these solids and particulate matter from entering the water you drink. When professionally installed, this system will make an immediate positive difference that you and your family will love.

2. UV post-filter for bacterial and viral agents

A good UV post-filter is the solution to the many different bacterial and viral contaminants that are often present in municipal water supplies.

These filters work by sending powerful ultraviolet, germicidal light into incoming water. When treated with this light, the DNA within a multitude of water-based organisms becomes scrambled, rendering it benign and making the water safe for you to drink.

A UV post-filter is a good way to protect against hepatitis, cholera, dysentery, typhoid fever and other maladies both common and rare. It’s a great add-on to any home water filtration system.

3. Water softener to take the hard edge off your drinking and cooking water

If you derive your water from a municipal source, likely it’s what we call “hard water.” Hard, untreated water can quench your thirst and cool you off on a hot Florida summer day, but that’s about where the benefits end.

kinetico water softener system installMost people find that hard water has a disagreeable aftertaste. It can be so strong that some people flatly refuse to drink hard water. For people who want better-tasting water, a top-line water softener as part of their home water filtering system is the answer.

Water softener systems remove the “hardening” calcium and magnesium from city water supplies. This results in not only better-tasting water but also cleaner pots, pans, dishes and glasses when you wash and use them. You may have seen the whitish buildup on certain cookware in which tap water is regularly used. This, and the ugly spots on freshly washed dishes, can be prevented with a good water softener.

Better water quality for the whole family

If you live in the Stuart, FL, area, Atlantic Coast Water Clinic would like to tell you more about these water filter add-ons and how they will make your drinking water taste better and provide safety for you and your family.

Speak with a home water filtration expert today at 772-283-4767 or reach out through our convenient contact form.