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Water Filtration In Port St. Lucie FL

Is My Water Bad in Port St. Lucie?

Whether you have a private well or use city water, the water coming into your home can contain hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, or other contaminants that can make it smell and taste bad. Hydrogen sulfide, for instance, has an offensive "rotten egg" odor, while water treated with chlorine or chloramine can make it smell like a swimming pool. While some odors are cosmetic and are not harmful, that is not always the case. Water that is contaminated from a nearby leaking septic tank, agricultural, or industrial runoff not only causes the water to smell bad, but it can also make you sick.

Life is better with clear, odor-free, and better-tasting water from Atlantic Coast Water Clinic. We provide water filtration and purification systems for homes and businesses in Port St. Lucie and neighboring communities throughout St. Lucie County, including Ft. Pierce, Hutchinson Island, Lakewood Park, and River Park. Contact a professional, trained water specialist today!

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Water Purification / Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a sodium-free water purification solution that removes sediment, bacteria, chemicals, viruses, and other contaminants commonly found in the drinking water, including foul odors and bad tastes. It's typically installed at the point-of-use, like under the kitchen sink.

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It uses the existing household water pressure to filter water through its semi-permeable membrane. The membrane's micron spores are so tiny that only water molecules can pass through, effectively eliminating up to 99% of contaminants in the water.

Our complete line of Kinetico Reverse Osmosis drinking water systems does not use electricity or salts. The system automatically cleans and regenerates, ensuring a virtually unlimited supply of clean, odor-free, and better-tasting water at the faucet with connectivity to your refrigerator water dispenser and ice maker.

Water Filtration In Port St. Lucie FL

The Floridian Aquafer supplies most of the groundwater in Port St. Lucie. The underground aquafer contains naturally occurring heavy metals, minerals, sulfur, and other impurities that can affect the working water and drinking water in your home. Also, chemicals and pollutants from waste treatment plants, agriculture farms, or industrial facilities can leech into the soil and contaminate the groundwater. Saltwater intrusion is another potential issue for water wells near the coast.

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We offer several water filtration solutions for homes using a private well or city water that will remove calcium carbonate, hydrogen sulfide, iron, manganese, tannins, and other impurities that can also give it a foul odor and unpleasant taste. Fully automatic, non-electric operation and simple user-replaceable filter cartridges make it easy to maintain. Our trained and knowledgeable water specialists will conduct a thorough water analysis to recommend the best water filtration system for meeting your household demands for clean, odor-free, and healthy water at every faucet in your home.

Whole House Water Treatment

Our Kinetico® brand whole house water treatment systems are customized to solve the specific water quality issues in homes such as hard water, salt-water intrusion, foul odors, and bitter tastes, to name a few. Since the system connects to the point-of-entry of the main water line coming into your home, it significantly improves water quality whether you use a private well or city water.

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Whole house water treatment is configured to meet the volume demands of any size household so that a virtually unlimited supply of fresh, high-quality water is always available at every faucet for all your household water needs. A whole-house solution is often configured with a Reverse Osmosis system to provide the highest quality clean, odor-free, and better-tasting drinking water at the faucet.

Water Softener

The groundwater in Port St. Lucie contains high concentrations of minerals, primarily calcium carbonate and manganese, so hard water is as much of a problem for homes using city water as it is for private wells. Although hard water is more of a cosmetic problem than a health issue, it costs homeowners more than they realize. It causes scale deposits to build-up in the water heater, dishwasher, and other hot water appliances cutting its life expectancy by up to 40%.

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It causes soap scum and clogs drains and pipes, requiring frequent repairs and early replacement. It also uses more water and detergent, increasing energy costs. Hard water also clogs pores, irritates the skin, and makes hair brittle. A water softener system uses an ion exchange system that replaces the hard mineral ions with soft sodium ions. The impurities drain from the tank, and clean, healthy, and soft water is distributed to all your faucets and appliances.