Preventative Maintenance Can Extend The Life Of Your Water Softener
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Water Softener Preventive Maintenance

Unexpected, expensive repairs are a homeowner’s nightmare. However, you can prevent unanticipated home repairs by scheduling regular checkups and maintenance. It’s smart to invest in preventative maintenance to avoid steep water softener repair costs. Often, you won’t notice a problem until it requires a major repair. Water treatment specialists–like Atlantic Coast Water Clinic–offer preventative maintenance services so you can avoid the nightmare of repairing or prematurely replacing a broken water softener.

professional water softener service, fort pierce flWhy Does Water Softener Preventive Maintenance Matter?

A power outage, pump failure, or another water-equipment-related issue could cause your water softener to malfunction. If the problem is undetected and unresolved, it could result in expensive damage to your water softener. For example, if you have a private well and the pressure tank malfunctions. If the issue goes on for too long, both your pressure tank and water softener may need to be repaired or replaced. However, regular checks and preventative maintenance can detect and resolve these issues before they lead to an expensive repair.

Preventive maintenance includes more than catching problems. A trained water treatment system specialist will also check the water softener components for signs of wear and tear. Then we will change out parts that have worn out and clean the equipment, so it continues to operate smoothly and effectively.

What’s Included in a Water Softener Preventive Maintenance Plan?

Water softener preventative maintenance services vary depending on the service provider and plan you choose. However, most plans will include at least these 8 components:

  1. Delivering water softener salt.
  2. Testing your water to ensure the water softener system is working.
  3. Validating the system’s regeneration schedule.
  4. Ensuring the system has enough water flow.
  5. Checking the brine tank for salt bridges and regularly cleaning it out.
  6. Changing the pre-filters and filters.
  7. Checking the pistons, injectors, screens, and seals for wear and replacing any that have worn out.
  8. Refilling the brine tank or adding resin media if needed.

There may be an additional charge for some maintenance, such as replacing water softener resin media (which lasts for up to 10 years). Contact a trusted, local water treatment system installer to find out what water softener preventative maintenance services they provide and their fees.

set up water softener maintenance, stuart flWhen Should I Get a Water Softener Preventive Maintenance Plan?

Setting up a preventive maintenance plan helps you protect your investment in your home’s water quality. When you purchase a new water softener is a good time to inquire about water softener system maintenance options. But, if you have an old water softener that isn’t being regularly checked and maintained, the best time to get a preventative maintenance plan is now!

Your water softener plays a vital role in preventing plumbing problems, extending the life of your appliances, and keeping your bathroom and kitchen fixtures in good condition. It also prevents ugly stains on your flatware, unpleasant dry skin, and stringy hair. Extend the life of your water softener and help it run smoothly by investing in a preventive maintenance plan. Contact Atlantic Coast Water Clinic, South Florida’s trusted source for water treatment systems, to find out about our water softener services!