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Water Softener System Port St Lucie FL

water softener systems in port st. lucie fl

A shallow aquifer provides the water that supplies homes and businesses in Port St. Lucie in addition to the Floridian aquifer. The limestone rock formations beneath the surface contain naturally occurring dissolved minerals such as calcium, magnesium, manganese, and iron in the water. Our water softening equipment removes the high concentrations of the dissolved metals and minerals that cause hard water problems. It’s a common condition that affects many homes and businesses in St. Lucie County, whether using city water or a private well.

water softener system in Port St Lucie FLAtlantic Coast Water Clinic offers a free in-home water quality test throughout the Port St. Lucie community. Call 772-283-4767 or click here to schedule an appointment today!

Why You Need Water Softeners in Port St. Lucie

Although hard water is generally considered safe to drink, the limescale deposits cause damages to plumb fixtures, pipes, and hot water appliances like your water heater and dishwasher, leading to more frequent repairs and early replacement. It also produces soap scum around drains, and black, reddish-orange, or white stains on laundry, toilets, sinks, and other fixtures. Water softeners reduce the high concentrations of these heavy metals and minerals.

Our Kinetico® brand water softening equipment softens the water through an ion-exchange process, replacing hard calcium and magnesium ions with soft sodium ions. Without electricity, the system works automatically, ensuring a virtually unlimited supply of cleaner, healthier, and softer water throughout your whole home. It will also remove any foul odor and sour taste that many people experience when drinking hard water.

Water Softening Equipment Benefits

Installing Kinetico® water softening equipment in your Port St. Lucie home has many positive benefits. It works automatically without electricity to conserve water and save you money too!

  • Your skin and hair will look and feel healthier, cleaner, and silkier. In addition, you may notice fewer irritations since hard water minerals can clog pores.
  • Your silverware, glassware, and dishware will be cleaner and spot-free without the need for a rinse-aid.
  • You will no longer have to spend time constantly cleaning those annoying hard water stains in your bathroom and kitchen.
  • Plumbing and hot water appliances will operate more efficiently and last longer.
  • Your water will be odor-free and taste great too.

Kinetico water softener system in Port St Lucie FLHow often does water softening equipment need replacement?

Atlantic Coast Water Clinic is an authorized independent Kinetico® dealer offering the full line of the world’s most efficient water softening equipment for residents and businesses in Port St. Lucie. Most water softening equipment has a useful life of up to 14 years or more, depending on quality and use. Since Kinetico equipment is non-electric, there are fewer parts to wear out, so you can expect long-lasting and worry-free performance. However, for maximum efficiency and lifespan, it is essential to ensure a certified water specialist installs the right-size equipment that will meet your household’s demands for soft water. A trained water specialist will first perform an in-home water quality test, so we can recommend the water softener equipment that will meet your needs and budget. You will have peace of mind knowing that a factory-trained technician and licensed plumber will professionally install your Kinetico Water Softening Equipment.

Water Softening Equipment for home and business in St. Lucie County

Residents and businesses in Port St. Lucie and throughout St. Lucie County can conserve water and save money with water softening equipment from Atlantic Coast Water Clinic. Call (772) 283-4767 or contact us online to schedule your free water test today!