What To Look For If You Think You May Need Your Water Tested
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Have Water Tested If You See These Signs

You should not consider good water coming from your taps as a given. There will be times that your water should be tested to assure that it is healthy to drink and bathe in.

You can determine if testing is necessary by recognizing certain telltale signs coming from the water itself. These signs include:

  • A foul smell
  • Bad taste
  • Odd color

water testing, indiantown flA Foul Smell

Foul odors to be aware of when drinking or bathing in your water include a smell similar to rotten eggs, a slightly musty or earthy smell, and an odor similar to fish or wet animals.

A number of things that are in the water can cause these smells. They include:

  • Iron bacteria
  • Barium, cadmium, chloramines
  • Bacteria in the pipes
  • Hydrogen sulfide

Bad Taste

Another one of your senses is a good source of whether your water should be tested -– your sense of smell.

The things in your water that can cause your sense of smell to be alerted include:

  • Chlorine
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Copper

Odd Color

The most encountered odd color you should be watching for is a cloudy appearance. Colors including green, blue, and orange can also occur.  These problems are due to corrosion, copper, high traces of turbidity, or algae.

water smells bad, jensen beachflYour Water Is Causing Issues Around The House

Some occurrences around the house may not be isolated incidences. Instead, they could be caused by problems in your water. If you encounter a large amount of soap scum, suffer dry skin, the laundry appears faded, spots on drinking glasses and silverware appear after dishwashing or poor smelling dishes after a cycle, or if your appliances break, you should consider the condition of your water as the culprit.  It all could be due to hard water.


Undetected Issues That Require Water Testing

Needless to say, there could also be water problems that you can’t determine simply by your senses. These hidden problems can only be discovered through testing. Because these issues are a major concern to many Americans, it is advised that you test your water without a reason at times just to assure that such issues as lead, arsenic, nitrates, or chromium are not present in your water.

However you detect the problem or whether you can’t detect an issue at all, it is essential that a professional test your water regularly. The staff at Atlantic Coast Water Clinic is knowledgeable about all things that could foul your water and they have the skills to determine what is causing the fouling so that we can take steps to rid it from your water.

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