Take These Steps To Ensure Your Well Water Is Healthy To Drink
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Tips On Taking Care Of Well Water

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If your home relies on well water, then it is essential that you take steps to assure that it is healthy to drink. If you are considering a well as the source for your water, then it is advised that you hire a licensed or certified water well driller and pump installer to create it. Be sure that the well is sufficiently separated from buildings, waste systems or chemical storage facilities.

Assuring Healthy Water

Ways to assure that the water remains healthy to drink include testing the quality of the water regularly. Such tests will help to determine if bacteria, nitrates, and contaminates have entered the water. It will also identify any color or flavor changes that may have occurred over time.

You should also perform preventative maintenance. Not only will that help to assure that the condition of the well continues to be healthy; it also saves money in the long term. Scheduling regular check ups and annual analysis can help to prevent problems from starting in the first place.  If you hire a professional to do the maintenance, then at the end of the service, be sure you get a detailed report on the condition of the well.

Clean and disinfect your well & water system about every six months and pump your septic system every 3 years.

The size of your property can influence your well. For example, if your lot is small than 2.5 acres, then your neighbor should also pump his septic system every 3 years.

It is also important to observe what is in proximity to your well. For example, snow or leaves should never be piled up around the base of the well because they can cause structural damage. In addition, be sure that you keep hazardous materials away including paint, fertilizer, pesticides, and motor oil.

Professionals involved in the quality of a well suggest that drinking water should no longer be taken from it when it is more than 20 years old. When your well reaches this point, it is suggested that you seal it after a new well is created. Don’t do the work yourself. Instead, make certain that a certified technician performs the task.

Periodically Check The Structural Integrity Of The Well

It is essential that the well cover or cap on top of the well casing is in good condition. If not, be sure that it is repaired.

Assure that the top of your well is at least one foot above ground, especially if you intend to do landscaping on your property. Be certain that the ground slopes away from the well to assure proper drainage.

Be observant. Be aware of any changes to it and the area around it.

Check the well casing grout and the water tightness of the well down to a depth of 0.9m if it is less than 15m deep or at least 4.6m if the well is deeper than 15m.

Be Alert When Doing Tasks Around The Well

Be alert when performing tasks around the well. For example, take care when working or mowing around it. A damaged casing could threaten the quality of the water inside.

Secure Well Information In A Safe Place

Keep records concerning your well including reports on its construction, annual water well systems maintenance, and water testing results. Store the records in a safe place.

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If you’ve lived on your property for more than 20 years, then you probably have at least one abandoned well on the premises. Make sure that all abandoned wells are filled and sealed.

Instead of worrying about the integrity of your well and the quality of the water in it, it is best to rely on a water treatment professional. Located in Stuart, Florida, Atlantic Coast Water Clinic has a staff of technicians who are knowledgeable in assuring both the integrity of your well and the quality of the water in it.  We also provide a plethora of water treatment and filtration services including water softening, whole house filtration, maintaining drinking water systems. We provide assistance to private homes and businesses. In addition, we offer products including water softener systems, water filtration systems, and drinking water-related products.

If you have questions concerning your water or need a professional to assure that you have quality water and that your water system is working properly, then call us at (772) 283-4767, visit our store at 3181 SE Dixie Highway, Stuart, Florida 34997.