The Top Well Water Maintenance Tips
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Well Water Maintenance Tips

If you receive your household water from a well on your property, you’re already aware of the advantages of getting your water this way. But are you aware of critical well water maintenance tasks? Atlantic Coast Water Clinic of South Florida would like to share some helpful tips.

Well Water Maintenance Systems in Vero Beach FLTaking Care of Your Well Water

The most important tip for well water maintenance is: let water treatment professionals maintain your well and well water. Professional water contractors have specialized equipment and techniques that allow them to safely inspect and repair parts of your well.

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to introduce bacteria into the well system, drop objects in the water, receive electric shocks and more when attempting to service their own wells.

Proper Well Water Maintenance

When you work with Atlantic Coast Water Clinic in the Port St. Lucie, Fort Pierce and Hobe Sound areas of Florida, we’ll make sure your well keeps functioning properly and delivering safe water into your home. Wherever you live, always work with an experienced water technician for this task.

Key parts of well water maintenance include:

Regular water testing: This is how we detect coliform, E. coli bacteria, nitrates and other contaminants. Testing three times a year is recommended.

Flow test: A flow test will check the system’s output.

Pump motor: Your technician will check the line voltage, amp load and grounding of your well pump’s motor.

Vermin-free: We want to make sure rats and other critters haven’t compromised the well system.

Local codes: It’s important that your well is in compliance with local codes.

How To Keep Your Well Water Safe & Clean

Maintaining well water isn’t only about professional assistance. You can do your part in taking care of your well.

  • Pay attention to odd smells and appearances in your drinking, cleaning and cooking water. Alert your water tech promptly if problems show up.
  • Don’t store pesticides, paint, cleaning solvents, fertilizer or other potential contaminants near your well.
  • Visually inspect the well cap for signs of damage.
  • If you use water from your well to mix pesticides or other chemical agents, don’t do so with the hose submerged in the container with the contaminants.
  • The well top should rise about a foot and a half above the ground, and the ground should angle away from the top to provide run-off. Make sure this is the case.
  • Always be careful when mowing or using power equipment near your well.
  • Never allow snow, leaves or other materials to pile up on top of the well.

Well Water Testing in Hobe Sound FLThe Best Treatment for the Best Well Water

Atlantic Coast Water Clinic is here to help well users treat their water to make it the safest, purest and best-tasting water they’ve ever used. We provide top-line water softener systems and water purification systems for the water in your entire home or just parts of it.

Call (772) 283-4767 in the greater Port St. Lucie, FL, region with questions about well water maintenance and water treatment. You can also get in touch with our contact form.