Florida's Aging Water Pipes Could Impact Your Family's Health
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America’s Aging Water Pipes

Unfortunately, across the United States, there are many aging water pipes. Florida is no different. At Atlantic Coast Water Clinic we see water mains more than a decade old, and regularly we encounter lead pipes. There’s nothing we can do to change the infrastructure issues that so many communities in our country face. Still, we can prevent contaminated water from entering homes and businesses. Many of our country’s underground water infrastructure was installed in the early to mid-1900s, and some of those may still be the original pipes. While we can’t control the entire water pipe system, we do have some control over what comes through the tap.

aging water pipe risks, fort pierce flThe issue comes when pipes age. The structure of the pipe itself will be compromised, and some of the materials that the pipe was manufactured from can contain harmful contaminants such as heavy metals. Corrosion happens, and even particles can wash away into the water system. This also leads to an increase in viruses and bacteria. These heavy metals can be hazardous, risking you and your family’s health and could even cause damage to your home or business’s plumbing.

Your Water Safety Options

You’re probably wondering if your tap water is at risk. And under no circumstances can water systems experts guarantee that your water is always going to be safe. As the water pipes in our communities age, the risk of contamination goes up. So, what do you do about that? Here are some of our suggestions for keeping your tap water safe regardless of the condition of the pipes in your community.

The way to remove contaminants across the board is the installation of a water filtration system. Along the Treasure Coast especially, there can be various impurities that affect your water quality; however, we offer several water filter products at ACWC that combat these issues. Our Kinetico offerings remove contaminants (including those from aging water pipes) and other man-made pollutants. They can be customized for homes and businesses alike. These systems also help remove the typical foul tastes and smells in well and city water systems.

Water filtration systems are installed at the entry point of the main water line. They can also be combined with special filters and even reverse osmosis equipment. Once installed, your city or well water will go directly into a filtration tank rather than just through your tap. In this filtered tank, an ion exchange process replaces the hard ions with soft sodium ions. All impurities are drained from the filtration tank, and only safe water is left. When you turn on the tap, the water comes from the tank where only safe water is available.

reverse osmosis filtration install, hobe sound flReady to Combat Aging Water Pipes?

The water system pipes aren’t going to stop aging, and it’s not safe to wait and hope that your local government upgrades the system. What you can do now is work with an ACWC certified water specialist to get your water up to standard. Give us a call today at 722-283-4767 for a free analysis of your water and learn about filtration options.