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Well Water Systems

well water treatment systems in the treasure coast of flThe quality of your traditional or Artesian well water that supplies the water in your home can change rapidly. Natural impurities, environmental conditions, and synthetic pollutants in the soil and surrounding rock formations can contaminate the groundwater in your well that you are using for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and bathing. Contaminated well water can also contain harmful bacteria, viruses, and cysts that can cause illness.

We offer a full range of Kinetico® brand whole house water treatment solutions for well water systems along the Treasure Coast. Our water softeners, filtration, and purification systems are powered by water movement instead of electricity, ensuring your family has uninterrupted access to clean, healthy, and better-tasting water at every faucet – with connections for your refrigerator water dispenser and ice maker. Simple user-replaceable filter cartridges make maintenance easy and efficient.

Common Well Water Problems

Hard Water: The limestone rock containing our groundwater is rich in calcium, carbonate, and other minerals, including manganese, making hard water a common problem for most private wells throughout the region. The high concentration of dissolved minerals causes the scaling, staining, and spotting that damages water pipes, plumbing fixtures and equipment, and appliances. It also causes those ugly stains that keep reappearing on your sinks, tubs, showers, and faucets.

Aquifer Contaminants: The high water table in Florida, which is about four feet below the soil, makes the aquifer that feeds your well prone to a variety of contaminants such as cleaning solvents, pesticides, fuel, and other discarded waste.

Bacteria & Parasites: Bacteria is a common problem for many well owners. Raw sewage from a leaking septic tank or animal waste from livestock can contaminate the well water with e. Coli and other harmful bacteria and parasites that can cause illness.

Foul Odors and Taste: Sulfur and hydrogen sulfide can be naturally present in well water that causes an unpleasant taste and a pungent odor that smells like “rotten eggs.”

Salty Water: Excessive pumping of groundwater from wells near the coast can upset the natural freshwater balance resulting in a saltwater intrusion. When the saltwater mixes with fresh water wells, the brackish water gives it a salty taste.

Well Water Filtration & Purification

Working Water: Our well water filtration system connects to the water supply’s point-of-entry in your home. Its ion-exchange process replaces the hard water ions with soft sodium ions to reduce water hardness.

The system operates automatically, draining the impurities and cleaning the high-quality resins, ensuring a continuous flow of clean, healthy, and soft water to every faucet in your home.

Drinking Water: Many well water customers also choose to install reverse osmosis filtration to improve the drinking water. The under-sink unit contains a semi-permeable membrane filter that removes up to 99% of impurities in well water, providing clean, odor-free, and better-tasting water for cooking, beverages, and ice.

Well Water System Benefits

Healthy Water: Our well water system removes sediment, heavy metals, bacteria, dissolved solids, and other pollutants that can harm your plumbing and cause illnesses.

Protects Plumbing:  Removing the hard water minerals prevents the scale deposits and corrosion that can stain and damage your plumbing, major appliances, and laundry resulting in fewer repairs and replacements.

Removes foul odors and bad taste: Our well water system eliminates the sulfur, bacteria, and other
contaminants that can make well water smell and taste bad.

Lower Costs: Our Reverse Osmosis well water system is the same process used by many bottled water companies eliminating the need to buy bottled water. Your appliances will also consume less water and detergent.

well water filtration system install in Port St. Lucie FL

Well Water Treatment Systems

Life is better with clean, odor-free, and healthy water from Atlantic Coast Water Clinic. We provide Kinetico® brand well water systems for homes and businesses on the Treasure Coast, including Sebastian, Ft. Pierce, Hobe Sound, Jensen Beach, Vero Beach, and communities throughout St. Lucie, Indian River, and Martin counties. Contact a professional, trained water specialist today!

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