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Are There Carcinogenics In Your Tap Water?

we resolve water contamination in vero beach flAre you worried about the safety of your tap water? If you are, you’re not alone. There is no shortage of news on contaminated water, even in communities right here in the United States. While local water treatment facilities do their best to make tap water clean for consumption, there still can be missed particles. And unfortunately, some of those might even be carcinogenic. At Atlantic Coast Water Clinic, we take the safety of your water seriously. We want to help you identify and avoid any harmful contaminants in your water, especially the carcinogenic kind.




Understanding Carcinogenic Contaminant Risk

In short, a carcinogen is any cancer-causing substance. While the world is filled with things that fall into that category, your water is particularly vulnerable to an excess of carcinogens. In a study titled “Cumulative risk analysis of carcinogenic contaminants in United States drinking water,” researchers found 22 containments in 48,363 community water systems in the U.S. Some of those carcinogenic contaminants found in the study include the following:

  • Arsenic
  • Chromium
  • Disinfection byproducts like chloroform and bromate
  • Radioactive elements like radium and uranium
  • Benzene
  • Vinyl chloride

And that isn’t all. It doesn’t take much scientific background to know that you don’t want to consume any of these carcinogenic contaminants, even in small quantities. This study shows that the community that you live in can be just as vulnerable at any time. Especially if you rely on groundwater sources, you’re more likely to have high levels of these and other carcinogens in your home or business’ water system. Also, if your community is more susceptible to drought conditions, you are at a higher risk for carcinogenic exposure because of the concentration levels of low supplies of water.

It is also helpful to be aware that many carcinogenic contaminants come from pesticides, fertilizers, and lead from outdated municipality water systems. This is a common occurrence and often something people don’t think about when using tap water.

whole home water filtration, indiantown flSo, what can you do about it?

If you’re on city water systems, don’t assume that the water will pass a high standard. In fact, the study mentioned previously in this blog includes carcinogen levels that are technically within the legally allowable limit. Even though it is permissible, would you like those carcinogens in your body? You can take an extra step to ensure the health and safety of your family or even employees by working with a company like ACWC to increase your water quality.

There are many great options for removing both natural and manufactured carcinogens. The ways our team can help include improving your water quality through our Kinetico brand reverse osmosis filtration system. Installing a water filtration system will remove those harmful contaminants and has other benefits like:

  • Reducing water hardness
  • Elimination of foul odors
  • Improved taste
  • Enhanced cost-efficiency

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