Cold Water or Room-Temperature Water: Which Is Best to drink and when?
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Cold Water or Room-Temperature Water: Which Is Best?

Is there a difference between drinking your water cold and drinking it at room temperature? From purely a health standpoint, there isn’t. Water is critical for the healthy functioning of our cells, muscles, brain and overall body, and we need it in any form.
There are certain situations, however, when the temperature of the water you drink can make a difference. Atlantic Coast Water Clinic of South Florida would like to share some information on this interesting topic.

Room Temperature Water, Stuart FLWhen to go for room-temperature water

Increase your metabolism: Warm water (and all the way up to hot water) has been a strategy for years to speed up the metabolism. Cold water will slow things down.
Be less thirsty: Room-temperature water is a great quick thirst-quencher. But because of this quality, it can cause you to feel less thirsty when your body really needs more water.
Aid in digestion: A little water of any temperature is important to help the body digest food. Room-temperature water does a better job at breaking down food solids than ice-cold water.


Combat sinus symptoms: When your nose is clogged because of illness or allergies, stick with warmer water. In fact, warm (or hot) liquids of any kind can help ease the symptoms and make you feel better.

When to reach for refrigerated or iced water

Hot days: In Florida, we get more than our share of super-hot days. Drinking cold water at these times helps to lower your body’s core temperature, which results in restoring some of the energy the heat pulls out of you.
During a heavy workout: Drinking water is very important during a sweaty workout. You have to replace the fluids you’re losing through perspiration. Cold water is more refreshing when exercising, and, as noted above, it helps keep you from getting overheated.
Wake up and be alert: Cold water is a great choice during long days on the job or all-nighters studying for an upcoming exam. A burst of cold in your system increases your alertness and allows you to give more of your focus to the job at hand.
Cold water myth about losing weight: It’s believed in some circles that drinking ice-cold water rather than room-temperature water will help you lose weight. There is no scientific evidence for this claim. The few extra calories you might burn in digesting cold water aren’t enough to cause any significant weight loss.

Cold Ice Water, Port St. Lucie FLWhatever water you drink, drink the best

At the end of the day, our bodies need water – and lot more of it than we might think. And since you drink so much water, you might as well add some extra benefits by drinking high-quality, purified water. A water-purification system in your home or office will remove bacteria, sediment, parasites and other junk that’s often found in municipal water sources. These systems will instantly improve both the quality and the taste of your drinking water. Atlantic Coast Water Clinic can show you a variety of exceptional water- treatment and filtration systems that will make you love drinking lots of water, no matter what temperature it is. Reach a water-quality expert in Port St. Lucie, FL, Fort Pierce, FL, Hobe Sound, FL, and other South Florida communities at (772) 283-4767. You can also get in touch with our handy contact form.