Types of Contaminants You Might Find In Your Home’s Water Supply
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Types of Contaminants You Might Find In Your Home’s Water Supply

Most people assume that their home’s drinking water is clean without thinking much about it. Your city’s municipal water system will remove bacteria from your water, but there could be other elements contaminating your water as well. Installing a water filtration system is a reliable way to ensure your water is as clean as possible and tastes fresh. Here are some of the types of contaminants you might find in your water.

Biological Contaminants in water, Sebastian FLBiological Contaminants

Biological contaminants are bacteria and other organisms in your water. While these contaminants are the most likely to make you sick, they are also the least likely to actually be present in your home’s water source. This is because cities and towns treat their water to ensure that dangerous bacteria isn’t present. However, if your water comes from a well, you may need to take extra steps to remove this bacteria before you drink, shower, or cook with it.

Physical Contaminants

Sediment is the most common type of physical water contaminant. Small pieces of organic debris can also serve as a physical contaminant. These types of contaminants can negatively affect the way your water looks and tastes, and can be dangerous to consume in some cases as well. Most physical contaminants are removed from your water during your city’s filtration process. However, sediments can make their way into well water that isn’t properly filtered. Issues with your pipes can also allow physical contaminants to make their way in.

Chemical Contaminants

These are the contaminants that are most likely to be in water that comes from a municipal treatment plant. Many treatment plants add fluoride, sodium, and other chemicals to the water during the purification process. While these chemicals are not dangerous to consume, you may not like the way they make your water taste. Chemicals in your water can also dry your skin out and potentially damage your appliances.

address water contaminants, Stuart FLHow To Address Water Contaminants

If you think you may have contaminants in your water, don’t worry – there are steps you can take to remove these contaminants and ensure your home’s drinking water is clean and safe. Start by having your water tested by a professional to determine what is causing the problem. Once you know what is in your water, you can implement solutions to remove it.

One of the easiest ways to do this is with a water filtration system. A robust filtration system can remove these contaminants before they enter your home, which helps to maintain the quality of your drinking water. Filtration systems can be customized with water softeners and other advanced features to address the unique challenges you are experiencing.

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