Can Iron and Mangnese In Your Water Be Harmful?
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Iron & Manganese

testing water for chemicals and impurities, port st lucie flFlorida’s soil, limestone rock, and groundwater contain various heavy metals and minerals, including iron and manganese. Over 5 percent of the earth’s crust is enriched with iron making it one of the most abundant metals. Iron is so plentiful that virtually all water sources, including private well water, contain iron. Manganese is also naturally present in Florida water but in lesser quantities. However, improper waste disposal and rusting water pipes can increase the iron and manganese content in groundwater. The high levels of heavy metals in the water supply, such as iron and manganese, cause hard water, a common problem for homes and businesses in Southeast Florida that use private wells and city water.

Signs of iron and manganese in water

The most common sign of iron and manganese in water is staining. According to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, staining can occur with 300 milligrams per liter of iron even though it is within the acceptable limit of its secondary drinking water standard. It causes reddish-brown to dark black stains on just about everything it contacts, such as plumbing fixtures, toilets, laundry, and appliances. Your well water will also appear cloudy or murky. The iron and manganese interfere with the soap’s ability to lather, leaving a residue known as soap scum that can clog plumbing and appliances. It also clogs pores and causes a variety of skin conditions. When metal or copper water pipes corrode, you might notice small flakes of rust in your tap water.

Elevated levels of iron and manganese in the drinking water will also give your beverages a metallic or unpleasant taste and odor. It discolors vegetables with a dark, unappealing appearance. It also promotes the growth of bacteria in the water – a yellow slime that clogs plumbing and has an offensive odor.

Is iron and manganese in drinking water harmful?

While drinking iron and manganese in small amounts doesn’t cause adverse health problems, consuming too much iron and manganese can cause problems with the heart, liver, and pancreas. Drinking too much iron can cause iron overload, leading to chronic fatigue, joint pain, abdominal pain, and irregular heart rhythm, to name a few.

water filtration system installation in Lakewood Park, FLRemoving iron and manganese from water

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