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importance of water filters, port st. lucie flMethane gas is an odorless, colorless, and combustible gas that is naturally present in the environment. Methane can be in the groundwater or well naturally or due to pollution. It is also the primary component of natural gas. An underground gas transmission pipeline provides natural gas service throughout most of the Southeast Florida coast. Gas leaks or maintenance discharges can cause methane to leak into the atmosphere, soil, groundwater, and wells. Organic matter decomposing in landfills can discharge methane gas into the soil that dissolves in groundwater, contaminating nearby water wells and other water resources.

Is methane in water harmful?

Methane evaporates out of the water quickly, so consuming water with methane gas by itself is not toxic. Since methane escapes the water rapidly, it can build up rather quickly in poorly ventilated or enclosed areas like the bathroom or laundry room. There is a risk of explosion when the indoor methane level reaches 5%.  Cooking with gas appliances when methane is present in the air can also cause an explosion. Methane in water can also indicate other water quality issues such as low pH or elevated levels of metals such as iron and manganese.

How do I know if methane is in my water?

Methane dissolves in water and is colorless and odorless, making it difficult to detect if it is in your drinking water. Noticing carbonation-like bubbles or a milky appearance and an unpleasant taste may indicate the presence of methane in the water.   Methane gas detectors are widely available and can let you know if methane is in the indoor air but is not very useful for testing water since methane evaporates quickly. However, a professional water test can detect the presence of methane in water.

Should I have my water tested for methane?

The U.S. Department of the Interior established a warning level of 10 mg/L of dissolved methane in water. Homes and businesses that use private wells should regularly monitor for methane gas levels in the water.  Water concentrations of 28 mg/L of methane or higher are dangerous and can trigger an explosion in enclosed areas.

whole house water purification system in Martin County FLHow to remove methane from water

Store-bought water filters do not remove methane gas. Removing methane gas from water requires professional water treatment with aeration or degasification.

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