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Scaling, Staining & Spotting

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The hard water problems that cause scaling, staining, and spotting can be frustrating for homeowners. Although the water is clear, stains, scale deposits, and spots appear on the sinks, tubs, toilets, dishwashers, and other plumbing fixtures and appliances. No matter how often you clean, it keeps coming back. It’s a problem that affects both private wells and municipal water systems.

The scaling, staining, and spots result from high concentrations of calcium, manganese, and other minerals in the groundwater. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, most homes and businesses in the U.S. have some water hardness. Like here along the Treasure Coast, most Floridians get their water from underground aquifers. These aquifers are surrounded by limestone rock and are rich in calcium carbonate and other minerals that cause hard water problems like scaling, staining, and spotting.

Our water softeners will eliminate your hard water problems, including scaling, staining, and spotting. Your plumbing, fixtures, and appliances will last longer. You will also have sparkling clear glasses and silverware without the need for a rinse-aid. Contact a water treatment specialist today for a quick quote.


Hard water stains typically range from white to reddish-brown and black, depending on the water’s mineral content. Reddish color stains generally indicate elevated levels of iron, while manganese stains are black. You may notice staining in your toilet bowl, sinks, tubs, and shower doors or curtains. The stains will keep returning after cleaning until the hard water problem is resolved.


The limescale deposits are due to an abundance of calcium carbonate in the water.  It leaves a white chalky or powdery scale build-up in your water heater, coffee maker, dishwasher, and other hot water appliances. It can also be damaging to appliances, plumbing fixtures, and water pipes leading to more frequent repairs and replacements.


After washing your glasses, dishes, and silverware, the calcium carbonate will leave a white milky film or spots when they dry. You may notice these spots on your cookware too. Many homeowners use a rinse aid to eliminate spotty dishes. However, it doesn’t solve your hard water problem.

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Life is better with clean, odor-free, and healthy water from Atlantic Coast Water Clinic. We have water softener and purification solutions that eliminate hard water problems that cause scaling, staining, and spotting for homes and businesses along the Treasure Coast, including Palm City, Ft. Pierce, Stuart, Jensen Beach, Sebastian, and communities throughout St. Lucie, Martin, and Indian River Counties. Contact a professional, trained water specialist today for your clean water needs!

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