Refrigerator VS Under The Sink Water Filtering: Pros And Cons
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Filtering: Refrigerator vs. Under-the-Sink

If you’ve been thinking about filtering some of the water in your home, you might be debating between refrigerator water filters and filtering systems that go under the sink. Atlantic Coast Water Clinic of South Florida would like to explain the pros and cons of these types of water filtering systems and talk about a third type that might serve you better.

water systems in Port St. Lucie FLRefrigerator filters

These filters are part of certain refrigerators. They have a serving area where you can insert a glass, push it against a handle, and have your glass filled with filtered water. Know that the name “water filter” can apply to many different types of products. Not all are the same. Refrigerator filters use carbon to “clean” the incoming water. They’re great at removing chlorine and chloramine, two contaminants regularly found in water from public supplies. On the downside, carbon filters will not do a good job of removing heavy metals, bacteria, toxins, and other potentially harmful substances.

Under-the-sink filters

A big step up from the refrigerator filter is the under-the-sink filter. These units filter all the water that goes to the individual faucet, usually the kitchen faucet. This means you have treated water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. The best sink water filters work by reverse osmosis (RO), a scientific term that describes incoming water being pushed through a membrane that allows only water molecules to pass. RO filters remove a lot of contaminants, including pesticides, mercury, aluminum, barium, arsenic, bacteria, chlorine, and many others. Under-the-sink filtering is an excellent way to treat the water at a single source. The filters typically last about a year.

whole house water filtration systemMaybe a better option

If you want more than carbon-filtered water from a refrigerator and would like all the water inside your home to be cleaner, safer, and better-tasting, a third option is what’s known as a “whole-house water filtration system.” These units use reverse osmosis like the smaller sink units, but they treat the water that goes to every faucet in the house.

This means you drink clean water, cook with clean water, clean with clean water, and bathe with clean water. Whole-house water systems can include a water softener to prevent the “steely” taste and ugly spots and buildups that hard water is known for.

When professionally installed and maintained, whole-house water treatment systems will remove your worries about the safety and cleanliness of the water you use while giving you an abundant supply of exceptional water whenever you need it.

Treating the water in your home

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