How Could The Quality Of Your Water Be Affecting Your Laundry?
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How Water Quality Affects Your Laundry 

Did you know that your water quality can actually be negatively impacting your laundry and even your clothes? Low-quality water can impact your clothes, sheets, towels, and even bigger bedding such as comforters. In addition, low-quality water can severely impact and lessen the quality and efficiency of your washer and dryer.hard water in Port St. Lucie FL

How does water impact these things?

So now we know that these things can occur when low-quality water is present, let’s look at why. The purer the water, the less the risk of damage to your clothes and appliances. For example, if you consider rainwater, it’s pure and untainted by chemicals and pollutants. But, as water mixes with the pipes to reach your washer machine, it may encounter some of these pollutants. These pollutants can consist of minerals, bacteria, and contaminants such as chlorine or disinfectants. Let’s take a closer look at some of these. 

Hard Water

When water has a very high concentration of calcium and magnesium, it can be known as hard water. If you have hard water, it can not only affect clothes, but it can also interfere with the soap and laundry detergents you choose to use. The minerals in the water make it difficult for the cleaning products to effectively mix with the water.

Hard water can also produce a white, tacky residue in your washer, or can cause clothes to fade and break down quicker. 


Chlorine is a popular chemical that is added to water to take care of harmful bacteria. However, this comes with the downfall of off-tasting water and interacting with clothing. It can weaken the quality of your clothes and lead to premature fading or bleaching. Additionally, it can interact with rubber seals in your appliances, leading to increased costs for repairs.

Luckily, water treatment systems can help to remove excess chlorine. This can benefit your home’s drinking water, but also avoid the negatives associated with chlorine in the water for laundry purposes. Atlantic Coast Water Clinic can assist in choosing the right water treatment system for your home. 


Iron is another mineral that can be problematic if it’s in your water in excess. It leaves a yellow or orange color in clothing and is very difficult to remove. Many of these stains are impossible to remove, as bleach would just make the stains worse.

Ready to improve the water at your home?

Atlantic Coast Water Clinic serves Fort Pierce, Hobe Sound, Port St. Lucie, and other South Florida communities with the solutions people need for all their water concerns. We install best-in-class water softening and water purification systems that will make an instant improvement in the quality of your water. In return, it can lessen the impact on clothing in your laundry and even improve the life of your appliances.

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