Can Iron Bacteria Be Removed From Well Water?
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Removing Iron Bacteria from Well Water

In rural areas, many homeowners’ water source comes from a well.  With a well and all its working parts, there are bound to be complications.  Many times, the water itself can be problematic.  One of those difficulties can be with iron bacteria.

iron bacteria in water, stuart flWhere Does This Iron Come From?

Iron is the most plentiful mineral in the earth’s soil.  Unfortunately, there will always be the possibility of iron finding its way into a well.  How does a homeowner determine if iron exists in their water supply?  Does a cup of coffee made in your home taste funny?  Are there orange streaks in the kitchen sink, toilet, or bathtub?  Does the water from the tap smell musty or like decaying vegetation?  If the answer to any or all these questions is yes, then your well may have ‘iron eating or ‘iron oxidizing’ bacteria.

Iron bacteria, when mixed with other minerals found in water, create a type of sludge.  The orange stains found in toilets, tubs, and kitchen sinks are that sludge.  That muck isn’t just staining; it is building up in plumbing, well pumps, pipes and appliances.  It is the iron that causes the unpleasant taste and odor in the water.

The Medical Community’s Take On Iron In Water

Medical science has determined consuming water with iron in it causes no adverse health effects.  However, the iron-laden sludge does.  The sludge attracts other bacteria that can be harmful to health.

How To Know If Iron Is In Your Water?

Water professionals say that a test for iron isn’t necessary; the evidence is apparent by the orange stains.  What is needed is a water test to detect any harmful bacteria.

The most accurate water test can be performed by a water professional.  The test outcome will establish what needs to be removed and what kind of equipment will be necessary.

water treatment for wells, indiantown flCall Atlantic Coast Water Clinic

The most experienced water treatment company in the area is the Atlantic Coast Water Clinic.  When our technicians arrive at your home, they will perform a water test at no cost to you.  The test can give the homeowner a ‘roadmap’ to cleaner, iron-free, and bacteria-free water.

The most critical decision is how much of the water needs treating.  Atlantic Coast Water Clinic is a certified dealer of Kinetico®, a maker of trusted water treatment, purification, and softening equipment.   We can treat the entire home’s water or just drinking water, depending on the customer’s needs.

For over thirty years, the technicians and staff members of Atlantic Coast Water Clinic have worked to help the Treasure Coast area with clean, clear, excellent tasting drinking water.  Our company has several water specialists that can solve any water treatment problems that occur.  Technicians with our company have resolved water treatment challenges for both municipal and well water with equal success.

We now have plumbing services to add to our list of water remedies.  When you make an appointment with us, our staff will arrive on time, driving clean, pristine trucks and using state-of-the-art equipment.

Our focus has always been customer satisfaction.  We’re happy to have customers who have been with us for 30 yrs, and we’ll continue to do our best for your family or business.

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