Reverse Osmosis And How It Can Improve Your Water Quality
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Comprehensive Guide on Reverse Osmosis

Each of us would have to be a chemical mastermind to understand Reverse Osmosis.  To make it easier for everyone to understand, Atlantic Coast Water Clinic will give you the basics.  Other questions can be directed to our office staff or technicians, who install reverse osmosis water filters every day.

Municipal Water Quality Standard

reverse osmosis system install, vero beach flWater purification facilities across the country filter our water.  The Environmental Protection Agency, which oversees the country’s water supply, sets the standard for water quality.   These standards are in place for all cities, county or regions that use municipal water.

There are allowable levels of iron, potassium, fluoride, chlorine, and magnesium in public water supplies.  If you depend on a well for your water supply, there is no way to tell what’s in the water until it is tested.

Most of us are comfortable with the minerals in our water.  Just so long as it tastes good, doesn’t smell, or has a cloudy color, my family is in the clear.  Right?

City Water

Up until now, we have been looking at the big picture.  Let’s look at a city’s water.  It not only has all this extra ‘stuff’ in it, but it’s also considered hard water.

When a reverse osmosis unit is utilized, all that extra ‘stuff’ is filtered out.  Water entering the home will be directed to the reverse osmosis system.  There is a filter, the water quality folks call it a membrane through which the water flows.  This membrane has an efficient and effective filter that removes unnecessary ‘stuff’ and gives you clean, clear excellent tasting water.

A bonus of a reverse osmosis system is it filters our parasites, bacteria, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals that often go undetected in tap water.

Well Water

RO water filtration, port st. lucie flIf you use well water, it is imperative to have a reverse osmosis unit filtering your water.  A government entity does not regulate most wells in the United States.  Many wells are in farming communities and are susceptible to all the pesticides neighboring farmers are using.  Water well near farms that raise animals are exposed to organic run-off seeping into their wells.

Using unfiltered water is not only rough on people, but it can also damage plumbing.  All those minerals start collecting in pipes in every part of the house.  Hard water can speed up the deterioration of the appliances that use water.  Clothes can be ravaged by using hard water.  More detergent will be needed to get clothes clean, causing more pollutant run-off.

Water Testing By Atlantic Coast Water Clinic

Atlantic Coast Water Clinic recommends starting with a water quality test of your tap water.  Using those results will give our customers an idea of what they need to do to get clean water.  Our company also recommends doing your homework on reverse osmosis systems and water softening units: research manufacturers, reviews, and prices for several makes and models of water filtering systems.  If you are unsure about who to hire for installation, call the manufacturer, and they will give you their professional opinion on who is the best in the area.

Letting more time go by without knowing what is in your water is risky.  Call Atlantic Coast Water Clinic for a free water quality test. Technicians are ready to answer any questions about test results, product installation, maintenance, & care of your equipment.

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