Is There A Sulfur Smell Or Taste In Your Water? This May Be The Reason.
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Sulfur Smell In Water: Where It Comes From

If you’ve noticed a sulfur smell in your water before, you might wonder where it comes from. Although this is a common problem in both residential and commercial water supplies, it can be very unpleasant and is something you’ll want to correct. Here’s what causes a bad smell or taste in your water and how you can correct it.

sulfur smell water, Indiantown FLWhat causes the sulfur smell?

When sulfur bacteria breaks down, it can result in a strong aroma of rotten eggs. The smell of this bacteria is extremely potent – it only takes a very small amount of sulfur before most people will notice the odor. This odor typically happens when sulfate mixes with certain types of bacteria in the water. They create a hydrogen sulfide byproduct, which is what causes the strong sulfur smell.

This type of bacteria occurs naturally in many groundwater sources, which is how it makes its way into drinking water. This problem is particularly common in well water. Municipal water sources typically take steps to remove sulfur bacteria and prevent this unpleasant smell.

It’s also possible for your water heater to inadvertently create hydrogen sulfide, resulting in a strong sulfur smell. Most water heaters contain a magnesium sulfate rod, which can react with bacteria in the water heater if the water has been sitting for too long.

Is the sulfur bacteria dangerous?

Although the smell of the hydrogen sulfide byproduct may be unpleasant, it is not necessarily unsafe to drink. However, if you notice this unpleasant smell, you should still contact a professional to test your water. It’s very possible that the hydrogen sulfide is not the only problem with your water, and it should be addressed quickly to avoid any health and safety problems.

water filtration system, Stuart FLHow can I remove the sulfur smell?

In order to remove the sulfur smell from your water, you will first need to figure out what is causing it. If the sulfur smell is coming directly from your well, you will likely need to treat the groundwater to remove it. This will remove the bacteria from the water to prevent it from reacting with the sulfates. You may also want to invest in a powerful water filtration system to further remove any bacteria or contaminants.

If the sulfur smell is coming from your water heater, you will likely need to either replace the magnesium rod in your heater or replace the entire system. In some cases, you may be able to kill the excess bacteria by increasing the temperature of your water heater. Regardless of what is causing these smells, it is important to hire a water treatment professional to help you solve the problem.

If you live in South Florida and have noticed a sulfur smell in your water, Atlantic Coast Water Clinic can help. Contact us at (772)-283-4767 or reach out online to schedule an appointment. We can conduct thorough testing and recommend helpful solutions to ensure you get the cleanest drinking water possible.