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The Role of Water in Urban Planning

When you think of a city, you probably think of skyscrapers, stadiums, airports, trains, cars, and throngs of people making their way through the sidewalks. You probably don’t think about water, but it is vital to the existence of cities since the Sumerians first settled on the Tigress and Euphrates. Can you imagine what a modern city would be like without water? It would be a humanitarian and industrial disaster. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the role of water in urban planning: sustainable city solutions.

City water usage in vero beach flResource Management

Water is critical for both humans and machines. It’s used both by farmers and factories. Urban planners must consider responsible water resource allocation in water management, usually applying a regional solution. Where is the water sourced from, and is it depriving anyone else? These are the two main issues in planning.

Stormwater Management

Cities built near bodies of water are especially susceptible to flooding and must plan to mitigate the effects of flooding. This goal is achieved by installing stormwater drainage systems, floodgates, and green bypass areas to handle excess water.

Public Health

Planning for public health regarding water requires a quick and lasting solution. This issue is resolved through water scrubbing, transportation, and treatment of wastewater, which prevents waterborne microbes from being ingested by people when they drink water out of their tap.


As previously stated, most of civilization’s earliest megacities were built on the banks of a river, lake, or ocean. Why? Because it allowed commerce through cargo ships and travel in boats up and down the coastline. Today, most large cities are built on a waterfront with amenities such as cruise ships and water taxis. Planning to use waterways is key to the success of any large city.

Energy Creation

Water has been a source of hydroelectricity since the late 19th century and is still in use today in places like Niagara Falls. Hydroelectricity can be produced anywhere that there is a large body of rushing water or tides. Savvy urban planners consider these natural resources and plan to take advantage of them.

Aesthetics and Recreation

Urban planners have long taken advantage of waterfronts’ aesthetic and recreational appeal to attract tourism. Whether it’s families playing in the surf in a warm climate or a river cruise through a megacity, waterfronts are a sustainable revenue source.

Water From Your Tap

Even with treated water, you can still have contaminants and microbes. What is the best way to deal with that problem? A water filtration system can ensure your water is safe for drinking, bathing, and cleaning. A water filtration system is beneficial for well water that tends to be full of hard minerals that build up on glasses and shower walls. 

water treatment systems in Port St. Lucie FL

Ensuring Your Water is Safe to Use

If you want to eliminate contaminants and microbes, let us install a water filtration system. Atlantic Coast Water Clinic is here to ensure your water is safe and won’t stain glasses, clothes, or shower walls. We also service and provide additional filtration systems.

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