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Water Filtration In Hobe Sound FL

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Is My Water Bad in Hobe Sound FL?

The quality of your water can vary between neighborhoods and even from one day to the next, especially if you depend on a water well for your working or drinking water. City water in Hobe Sound may also contain levels of chemicals and other impurities that exceed recommended health guidelines or legal limits, including chlorate, haloacetic acids (HAA5), nitrate, radium, and trihalomethanes.

These chemicals, disinfectant byproducts, and other contaminants can make your water smelly or taste bad. In some cases, they can even be harmful to your health.

Atlantic Coast Water Clinic is an authorized dealer of Kinetico® Water Systems and has been serving the Hobe Sound and Treasure Coast community since 1976, with the most efficient water treatment and purification solutions that provide the highest quality water for home and business.

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Water Purification / Reverse Osmosis

Our reverse osmosis (RO) water purification systems are among the most efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for providing perfectly clean, odor-free, and better-tasting water right at the tap.

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We carry the complete line of Kinetico® Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems conveniently installed under the kitchen counter or wherever you need purified water. The fully automatic system is WQA-Certified to NSF/ANSI standards and uses no electricity or salts.

It removes up to 99% of water contaminants, including sediment, dissolved solids, chemicals, bacteria, and viruses. It also removes foul odors and sour tastes. An optional refrigerator water dispenser and ice maker connection is also available.

Water Filtration

The Floridian Aquifer that provides the raw water in private wells and city water systems is naturally hard due to high calcium carbonate and manganese concentrations. Aging underground water pipes can also leak iron and lead into the water.

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Our complete line of Kinetico® water filtration systems is customized to treat the specific water conditions in your home or business.

It removes up to 99% of contaminants, including bad tastes and odors, providing water that is so pure it tastes like spring water for a fraction of the cost of bottled water. Its non-electric, fully automatic operation and user-replaceable cartridges ensure that clean, odor-free, and better-tasting water is always available.

Whole House Water Treatment

Whole house water treatment uses an ion-exchange process to eliminate hard water problems. The system connects to the primary water connection providing treatment at the point-of-entry in your home.

Hobe Sound FL whole house water treatment

Single tank and multi-tank configurations are available to meet your household demands for high-quality water. Although Kinetico® Whole House Water Treatment systems are fully automatic, they are powered by water movement instead of electricity.

The unfiltered water passes through a storage tank containing high-quality resins that replace hard water ions like calcium, iron, and manganese with soft sodium ions. The system drains the impurities, and soft water flows to every faucet throughout the home. An automatic cleaning and regenerating feature ensure a virtually unlimited supply of soft water.

Water Softeners In Hobe Sound FL

Many homeowners in Hobe Sound have hard water due to high levels of calcium carbonate, manganese, and other minerals naturally occurring in the groundwater. A water softener system is beneficial because it removes the minerals that cause hard water. Hard water can cause expensive problems for homeowners. The scale deposits clog plumbing and damage hot water appliances like the water heater, washing machine, and dishwasher causing premature failures and early replacements. It not only stains sinks, toilets, and fixtures, it also stains your laundry too. It also causes spotty dishes, glassware, and silverware. Soft water is not only better for your plumbing and appliances but also for your skin and hair, making them feel smoother, cleaner, and more luxurious.

water softener system in Hobe Sound FL

We offer several Kinetico® Water Softener solutions to meet your needs for soft water. Our water softener system can also be integrated with reverse osmosis and other specialty filters for a complete water treatment and purification solution.

Life is better with clear, odor-free, and better-tasting water from Atlantic Coast Water Clinic. We provide water filtration systems for homes in Hobe Sound and neighboring communities throughout Martin County, including Arundel, Indiantown, Jensen Beach, Port Salerno, and Stuart. Contact a professional, trained water specialist today!