Reasons Why Drinking Water Systems Need Annual Service
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Why Water Systems Need Annual Service

All machines need routine maintenance and service to keep them running efficiently and repair minor problems that can lead to premature failure, including your home water softener. In this post, we look at the reasons why your water softener requires annual maintenance and the benefits it provides.

Water Purification System Vero Beach, FLWhat Is A Water Softener?

If you’re unfamiliar with water softeners, you might wonder why anyone would pay the expense to install one in their home. Water softeners reduce the effects of hard water, which is a significant problem for many homeowners. Hard water is defined as having high mineral content like magnesium and calcium. Hard water can wreak havoc in your home, causing unsightly mineral stains, clogged pipes, and premature appliance failure. Installing a water softener reduces the minerals that cause these issues.


How Water Softeners Work

Water enters the system and flows into a tank containing resin beads saturated with sodium. The minerals bind to the beads, and the “soft” water flows out to the house.

Signs Your Water Softener Needs Maintenance

If you have a water softener but haven’t kept up with routine maintenance, you may notice issues signaling it’s time to call a technician for a tune-up. Here’s what to watch for.

Soap Won’t Lather Properly

One of the effects of hard water is that soap doesn’t lather as well as it does in soft water. The consequence is that it’s more difficult to get clean, you use more soap, and soap residue is left behind on your skin and shower glass.

Scale Buildup

Another side effect of hard water is the scale it leaves behind. Mineral scale is a chalky substance that coats shower glass and builds up inside your plumbing, leading to clogs. Scale buildup also ruins water-based appliances like washing machines, coffee makers, and dishwashers, causing them to fail before their time.

Dry Skin & Hair

If you notice that your skin itches or is irritated more than usual, or your hair is dry and lifeless, it’s probably because of hard water.

Faded & Itchy Clothes

Finally, hard water causes your clothes to fade more quickly and makes them stiff and itchy.

How Often Should You Service Your Water Softener

The average water softener lasts between 10 and 15 years, but as with most systems, its lifespan depends on how well-maintained it is. Experts recommend servicing your water softener if you notice the effects of hard water creeping into your home. Beyond that, however, it’s good to schedule annual maintenance to ensure your system continues working correctly and relieving the effects of hard water.

Water Filtration System Services Stuart, FLDo I Need A Pro For Water Softener Maintenance?

Like all major appliances, your water softener has moving parts that wear out over time. And, like most major appliances, it’s best to get service from a trained professional. Professionals have the training and experience to service these systems and recognize minor issues that could lead to system failure if they’re not fixed. Furthermore, a water treatment pro can perform a water test to ensure your water quality hasn’t changed during the past year. Even if you get your water from a city supplier, sometimes changes at the plant can affect the water you get at home. So, it’s good to get annual testing to see if your water filtration system needs an adjustment or modification for you to continue getting the quality water you expect.

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