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What You Should Know About Water Neutralization

Water is everywhere. We use it to clean our clothes, water our plants, and run the dishwasher. Water is also Read more

Water Hazards You Should Be Aware Of

Our mission at Atlantic Coast Water Clinic is to provide your family with the safest and healthiest drinking water possible. Read more

How Clean Is Your Showerhead

Your home may have bacteria in a place you never realized could become a health threat. No one else is Read more

Hard Water Causes Hair & Skin Problems

Since our bodies are made up mostly of water, one would think that there should be no problem when putting Read more

How Often Should You Change Your Whole House Water Filter?

Your whole-house water filter is designed to keep dangerous contaminants and unwanted minerals out of your home’s water supply. They Read more

Common Water Problems

Tap water can become contaminated with high enough levels of chemicals and germs that it can make you sick. It’s Read more

What You Need To Know About Reverse Osmosis

Water is essential to our daily lives. Clean water is a precious commodity in many regions. That’s why homeowners living Read more

Well Water Maintenance Tips

If you receive your household water from a well on your property, you’re already aware of the advantages of getting Read more

Why Filter Water for Your Ice Machine?

Do all refrigerators come with water filters? Why filter water for your ice machine, anyway? The accessibility of clean water Read more

Water Filter vs Softener: Which is best?

People are more concerned about water issues today than ever before. With many new water-treatment technologies available, we have a Read more