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Whole House Water System Port St. Lucie FL

Whole House Water System in Port St. Lucie FL

Atlantic Coast Water Clinic is your locally authorized Kinetico® dealer serving Port St. Lucie, St. Lucie County, and the Treasure Coast. We offer a full line of state-of-the-art whole house water treatment systems that solve your home’s hard water problems, so your household can enjoy clean, clear, and healthy water throughout the home, including the laundry room, bathrooms, and kitchen.

water filtration system in Port St. Lucie FLAtlantic Coast Water Clinic offers a free in-home water quality test throughout the Port St. Lucie community. Call 772-283-4767 or click here to schedule an appointment today!

Why You Need a Whole House Water Treatment System?

Whether your water supply is from a private well or municipal utility, it is probably not as clean as it may appear. The Floridian aquifer and other shallow aquifers contain naturally occurring dissolved metals and minerals, including calcium carbonate, iron, and magnesium, among others. While these are essential nutrients for a healthy diet, high concentrations of these minerals increase water’s hardness. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, St. Lucie County and the Treasure Coast have moderate to high calcium carbonate concentrations in the groundwater. You may have noticed white, black, or reddish stains in the sink, toilet, tub, and laundry or spots on glassware. These are signs of hard water. Soap scum is also due to hard water. The problem with hard water is that the limescale deposits damage piping, plumbing fixtures, and hot water appliances that reduce their efficiency, increase water usage, and require premature replacement.

How Does it Work?

Our whole house water treatment solution is customized to address your home’s specific water quality issues while meeting your household’s demands for clean, clear, and healthy water. When we install the system, it connects to the water supply’s entry point in your home. One of the significant advantages of our whole house system is that it uses the water pressure in your home instead of electricity. When the water enters the whole house system, an ion exchange swaps the hard calcium ions with soft sodium ions. The system works automatically, delivering a virtually unlimited supply of soft water to every faucet and water connection in your home. In addition, the system automatically flushes and regenerates without the need for user intervention. User-replaceable filter cartridges make filter replacements a snap without placing a service call.

The Kinetico® whole house water treatment system is expandable as your household demands for healthy water increase. It can also be configured with reverse osmosis filtration that provides ultra-filtered water in the kitchen or wherever purified water is desired.

Whole House Water Treatment Advantages

Our Whole House Water Treatment solutions offer many health and money-saving advantages for homeowners throughout St. Lucie County that want higher quality, better tasting, and odor-free water for their families:

whole house water filtration system in Port St. Lucie FL

  • Healthier, softer hair and skin
  • Eliminates skin irritation due to clogged pores from hard water
  • Better tasting water without foul odors
  • Protects plumbing, improving efficiency and prolonging the life expectancy of hot water appliances
  • At only pennies per gallon, it is less costly than buying bottled water
  • Fully automatic, non-electric operation doesn’t increase utility bills
  • Stand-alone or configured with RO filtration

Whole House Water Treatment Systems for Port St. Lucie

Atlantic Coast Water Clinic is your best choice for water treatment for homes using private wells or city water in Port St. Lucie and communities throughout St. Lucie County. Call (772) 283-4767 or contact us online to schedule your free water test today!